Having overcome the worst, and celebrating the best, Elder Earnest and Evangelist Stephanie Rowell are champions for marriages and couples. It’s their experiences with heartbreak and the joy of reconciliation that motivated them to help others shift their struggles, to stories of success. Through the power of their testimonies, trust in God, and fervent prayer, A Couple’s Prayer was formed.

A Couple’s Prayer is a ministry focused on helping couples pursue their purpose through prayer. A Couple’s Prayer seeks to revive marriages, restore hope, and remind couples that they are not alone in their pursuit of happily ever after.

Elder Earnest & Evangelist Stephanie have been together for 24 years, and married for 18. They understand the consequences of not always making God the center of their union, but have also experienced the rewards of living and loving each other God’s way. By sharing real life examples, A Couple’s Prayer provides strategies, based on Christian values that promote teamwork and prosperity.

The Rowells are continuously building a marriage that helps them thrive spiritually and professionally. They currently reside in Chicago with their 3 children: Keiajah, Terrell and Trenton.